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4P Cedar Pepe Toldo EXCLUSIVE TO LGS!

Product code: AA1714
RRP: £595.00   Our Price: £550.00
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Alhambra 4P Pepe Toldo Cedar Top Guitar

Alhambra Model : 4P, PT (Pepe Toldo) SOUND REFLECTOR in collaboration with Pepe Toldo (patent) Sound-Ports/Reflector, Solid Cedar top, Laminated Indian Rosewood Back and Side, with ebony fretboard.

The model 4P PT. SOUND REFLECTOR Series (new) was just launched 14th April 2012. This model have the same specification as a  model 4P with patented Sound Reflector by the luthier Pepe-Toldo . With PT Sound Reflector at upper side position, this model offers direct acoustic sound reflector pointing toward the player. The sound hole at upper side consist of multiple parallel stripes holes which effectively redirect every single player’s finger plucking tones for natural acoustic feedback during practice or recording. These important feature eliminates completely hesitation over the sound-system feedback quality if you are performing with amplification system and provides you with greater control over tone colouring that reshape the music. We are inviting you to test drive it right now in both our outlets & witness yourself this guitar resonates well for all music genre.

Practising with PT. SOUND REFLECTOR guitar enhance your practice quality & experience as our ears able to capture every single timbre differences against different plucking technique & nail’ shape relative to your fingers tips. The innovation of Alhambra PT Sound Reflector delivers new landscape that the normal guitar unable to deliver to and traditionally only pleasing the audience more than for the player’s feedback benefits.

The PT SOUND REFLECTOR impact on model 4P are describes below.

The Alhambra guitars are traditionally well known of it’s power & projection capability, the PT Sound Reflector performs as balancing the all 6 string’s projecting power. My test analyses, proved the result with PT Sound Reflector enhance wider dynamic range, richer harmonic especially on trebles part, longer sustain & pitch clarity while reducing the excessive mellow tone traditionally exist in Spanish guitars. In engineering term, PT Sound Reflector behaves like valves pressure control which positively balance the mellow tones with wider dynamic range & crisp and longer treble sustain.

London Guitar Studio - Wed Nov 13 21:06:52 GMT 2019 [web3]