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Savarez Nail Kit Savarez Nail Kit
40 in stock
Savarez Nail Kit A best seller from Savarez, it can be used to repair a broken nail, to use as a substitute to a worn or a too short nail or to strengthen an existing nail. The substitute nail can last several weeks or even months.  Aesthetical and sensitiveness are very close to a natural nail.  Does not weaken the natural nail which grows naturally. Contents: Band of self-adhesive silk 1 tube of…
Guitar Players Nails Instant Repair Kit Guitar Players Nails Instant Repair Kit
In stock
Guitar Players Nails Instant Repair Kit Our kit contains enough nails and material to create 110 fingernails. We include a package of 50 type 1-A wide pre-formed nails, and 10 type 1-A extra wide pre-formed nails. All of the nails in our kit can be trimmed for width and customized in just a few seconds. Also included in our kit is our fingernail glue, 6" self adhering fiberglass wrap, micro-pipett…

Classical Guitar Nail Care Kits

The perfect nail shape for playing classical guitar will depend on your particular playing style and is also a matter of personal preference. You will have to experiment to produce the best results but whatever shape works well for you, your nails will require consistent care and attention in order to maintain that shape and to keep your nails in the best possible condition.

How to Shape Nails for Classical Guitar

Your nails will be much easier to care for and shape if they are healthy and strong and the easiest way to ensure that they are in tip top condition is to eat a balanced diet that contains the required nutrients for strong nails. Proteins, calcium, silica, magnesium, zinc and vitamins are all crucial in maintaining healthy nails.

Once your nails have reached a suitable length you can begin shaping them. Don’t cut your mails with scissors or clippers. It is far better to achieve and maintain the right length and shape by using a file or nail cloth file such as the Luthier Cloth Nail File in our collection here at the London Guitar Studio. Buff and smooth your nails using our TLP nail paper. Nail files and paper will also correct uneven portions of the nail and the minor damage that inevitably occurs from time to time. With practice you will become proficient at filing your nails for classical guitar.

You can protect and strengthen your nails further and improve their overall appearance by taking advantage of the Nail Repair Microcell 2000 range from the London Guitar Studio which features the perfect products for coating and nourishing your nails and cuticles.

Classical Guitar Nail Repair Kits

Unfortunately everyone breaks a nail from time to time and some musicians may find that their nails lack the required strength to achieve their ideal length and shape. False nails are the perfect solution for weak or broken nails and the classical guitar nail repair kits we offer feature everything you need to build the nails you need. The Guitar Players Nails Instant Repair Kit and the Riconails Emergency Nail Kit have been evolved by musicians for musicians and contain concise instructions on how to create your replacement nails.

If you have any questions about classical guitar nail and classical guitar thumbnail shaping and repair then please do contact the team here at London Guitar Studio. We are always happy to help!


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