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Daniel Friedrich Guitars

At London Guitar Studio we are proud to have available a range of Daniel Friederich guitars available. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about specific guitars.

About Daniel Friederich

Daniel Friederich was born in Paris in 1932. He acquired his first guitar shortly before leaving college and was inspired to further his playing ability after attending an Ida Presti concert. He sought lessons from Cristian Aubin and quickly realised that he required a superior instrument to play. Sadly his budget would not stretch far enough and so he decided to make his own guitar.

This may seem like an extraordinary decision to make. Most people could not simply decide to build a guitar but Friederich was descended from three generations of cabinet makers and already possessed a good knowledge of wood and woodworking skills. Indeed, he had believed that he would pursue a career as a cabinet maker but his decision to make his first guitar was to lead him in a very different direction.

The History of Daniel Friederich Guitars

Daniel Friederich’s first guitar was built with the help of Aubin and was a simple copy of a Francisco Simplicio. Friederich built further guitars and when he completed his fifteenth instrument in 1960 he showed one of his guitars to Robert Bouchet who was very encouraging and offered valuable advice. Friederich contacted Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya who were also supportive. He then did some work at the Laboratory of Musical Acoustics to further his understanding of guitar acoustics, although his primary focus has always been on the construction and finish of his beautiful pieces.

Freiderich's early guitars were relatively simple instruments with an explosive sound. Since 1973 he has increased the weight of the instruments and experimented with different woods and construction methods to produce guitars that have more sustain and a richer sound. His guitars remain simple to play and are precise, well balanced instruments with great power. They have elegant, graceful bodies with headstocks that feature a raised central design and it is this which makes them instantly recognisable.

Daniel Friederich has become one of the world's most highly regarded luthiers. His guitars take 200 to 250 hours to complete but he retains his passion for his art and although now in his eighties, he continues to work with enthusiasm from his Paris studio. At London Guitar Studio we are proud to have available a range of Daniel Friederich guitars available.

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