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Alhambra Crossover Guitars

At London Guitar Studio we are proud to stock a great range of Crossover guitars from Spanish maker Alhambra. Alhambra's Classical and Flamenco guitars have become extremely sought-after models because of their reputation for quality, sound and great value. An Alhambra Crossover guitar is the perfect instrument for somebody who wants the feel and flexibility of a Steel-stringed guitar, whilst wanting that distinctive Classical sound. See more.

What is a Crossover Guitar?

A Crossover guitar, like the Alhambra models that we have available here, is a nylon-string guitar that incorporates build features typically associated with the more modern steel-string, or Acoustic guitar. Such features include a more narrow neck and a cutaway; the portion of the body that has been removed when compared with a traditional Classical guitar that has a full body.

The reasons for changing the full-body, wide-neck Classical shape is to offer guitarists who are more comfortable playing a steel-string guitar the chance to keep their familiarity, whilst having the sound and tone of a Classical guitar. This is possible because of the nylon-strings and the construction techniques that are all still authentically Classical. The Classical sound of nylon-strings is desired by many musicians of all genres, including Folk, Jazz and more.

What does a cutaway do?

Why a player may want a cutaway is that it allows greater access to the higher frets. This allows a more diverse array of pieces to be played on the guitar with ease. There is some thought that a cutaway may have a detrimental effect on sound, however if there is one it is considered to be minimal. It's not unusual for Crossover Guitars to make use of pickups and for somebody looking to perform this is preferred. The right pickups will allow the player's tone and projection to be carefully tailored to achieve their desired sound. Our Alhambra Crossover Guitars have inbuilt Fishman pickups that have been carefully placed to offer a very balanced tone.

Why have a more narrow neck?

A narrower neck simply allows a more comfortable playing style, especially for those who are coming to the instrument having learnt to play on a steel-stringed Acoustic guitar. The neck on a Crossover guitar cannot be made too narrow due to the wider reverberations of nylon-strings compared with those of steel, however the reduction in width is significant and will help the guitarist use the fret board with more ease, especially when it comes to stretches.

Our range of Alhambra Crossover Guitars

At London Guitar Studio we have three impressive Cedar-top Crossover guitars to choose from in our Alhambra range. We have different options for the woods of the back and sides available, including solid Mahogany and Indian Rosewood and each comes with a pickup system. Please check the individual guitar model descriptions for more specific details. If you have any questions then please feel free to get in contact and one of our friendly team of experts will be glad to assist. We are available to contact, by phone, email or by visiting us in our central London store, where you can hear these wonderful Crossover guitars for yourself.

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